Individually Managed Accounts

What is an Individually Managed Account

An individually managed account (IMA) is a method that can be used by investors to have their portfolio professionally managed and tailored specifically to their goals, objectives, risk profile and tax planning.

IMA’s offer greater transparency for the investor as well as the opportunity to tailor the investment strategy to compliment other investments that may be held outside the equities portfolio.  Additionally, timing of entry and exit can be managed to co-ordinate with any tax implications that my arise from the disposal of these other investments.  This structure also allows for investments to be tailored to suit other preferences for example, ethical investment requirements.

  • Banking
  • Mining
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • International
  • Cash


Each portfolio is diversified across a range of sectors to manage risk.  Holdings are regularly re-balanced to provide greater exposure to those sectors that have economic tailwinds and are likely to produce greater returns.
  • Belvedere IMA
  • ASX200 Accumulation Index


Belvedere portfolio managers use the latest high quality research, insights and industry knowledge with the aim of outperforming the market according to the investors specific mandate.


Using Belvedere’s online client portal, investors can log on anytime and view their holdings, dividends, transaction history, realised gains and losses.  Additionally, at the click of a button reports can be downloaded in both .PDF and EXCEL formats.

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